Joyce heeds the inner call she got in Sedona in 2011 to shift toward writing fiction. Her fourth and newest blog on books, writing and creativity debuted on October 15, Joyce Mason’s New Inkarnations. On Nov. 11, her first humorous mystery, The Crystal Ball, debuted on Amazon’s CreateSpace with other outlets and eReader versions soon to follow.


Chiron and Wholeness comes out in e-reader format and Kindles a new publishing medium for Joyce’s books.


Even though she wasn’t sure she needed yet another blog, Joyce was once more inspired to share her poetry on a new site, Stitched Verse. Although she posts to this blog only when the spirit moves, there are more than 50 offerings of poems, interviews and visions about the power of poetry, especially its healing power.


Walking her talk about living from cosmic hints, Joyce took one and started her astrology blog, The Radical Virgo, on March 21. It quickly quadrupled the readership of her first blog. With its increasing popularity, Joyce achieved one of her major goals in starting it—reconnecting with readers who had known her for the many articles she wrote in astrological publications in the 1990’s. In September of that year, Joyce wrote her first PDF e-book, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer. It would be followed by four more over the next four years.


Joyce launches her first blog, Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights on September 17. It was the start of something big—discovering her passion for blogging and how it would continue to hone her writing skills. Hot/Cool morphed from a blog for baby boomers to a site that encourages spirited living by the cosmic hints all around us. Joyce posted actively to this site till it was archived in January 2011. It’s still a source of many articles on spirited subjects.


Joyce wins first place for her non-fiction memoir proposal in a national competition at the Yosemite Writers’ Conference. This recognition gave her the boost of courage needed to keep on her writing path. She completed that book but has put it on the back burner to redirect its scope and return to it when the timing is right.

  • New Inkarnations

    Visit Joyce’s new blog on writing and creativity! New Ink is an oasis of inspiration and a celebration of how words connect us and contribute to our quality of life. Read More
  • The Crystal Ball

    The Crystal Ball, Joyce's new mystery novel is debuted Nov. 11, 2013 in paperback and e-reader versions on Amazon and other retailers. Read More
  • The Radical Virgo

    For four years-plus of Joyce’s articles and commentary on astrology and related topics, visit The Radical Virgo. If you’re a regular to, you know it has undergone a Radical makeover! Read More
  • Stitched Verse

    Joyce’s poetry was among her earliest published work, and she still loves writing poems whenever the spirit moves her. You can enjoy many of them on her poetry blog, Stitched Verse. Read More
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