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Joyce fell in love with words at an early age. Mystery is the connecting thread of her writing. Even astrology and metaphysics explore the mysteries of life. She digs deep into those mysteries and delivers her insights with humor. She’s a prolific writer, author of numerous e-books and hundreds of articles on astrology and spiritual topics. The Crystal Ball is her first novel—an opportunity to blend the mysteries of life with a literal mystery story. It’s the first of the Micki Michaels mystery series.

Joyce is a passionate blogger. In honor of her new career as a novelist, she recently launched her fourth blog, Joyce Mason’s New Inkarnations. “New Ink” is an oasis for readers, writers and word lovers, a place for a drink of inspiration, whenever you need it, about how words connect us and contribute to our quality of life. It’s her idea of a water cooler for chats about the creative life and living creatively.

Writing has been a large part of all Joyce’s careers from social worker, government worker to professional astrologer. Now the fun part begins—storyteller. This change of direction was inspired by an inner voice that said in Sedona, AZ near Bell Rock in May 2011, “You need to get a master’s degree in mythology.” Thinking it was literal, Joyce explored that option with her usual obsessive depth, only to laugh when she realized the message was symbolic. Another connecting thread: She plays the symbols in astrology, poetry and every literary metaphor. Novels are “mythology,” and when she finally “got” it, she slowly began shifting her work to fulfill this epiphany on the vortex.

 Joyce and her husband Tim live near Sacramento, CA with their very vocal cat, Bogey. They’re reunited childhood sweethearts who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and met at Catholic school when they were twelve.

For more back story about Joyce’s writing, read her interview on Smashwords.

*Photo Credit: Joyce’s portrait in Sacramento’s Capitol Rose garden is by Roni Java.


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