Jan. 19th “Dance with Words” Anthology Release Party in Roseville

Jan 19 2016 DancewWords Launch FlyerJanuary 19, 2016: If you’re local to the Sacramento Area, come meet my co-authors and me in Roseville tonight at Cool River Pizza, 1805 Cirby Way, from 6 – 9:00 pm. Our newest anthology will be available for sale and signing, and it’s wonderful. My story, “Valley Girl,” is about cool aging. No, I didn’t choose the pizza parlor as a plug. Just noticed the synchronicity! If you can’t join us in person, you can purchase the book on Amazon.              


Joyce at State Fair Authors’ Booth in July

Jul 09 2015 CA State Fair Palmss203-k-noIf you’re local to the Sacramento Area or happen to be visiting during July, come by and say “hi” at the State Fair Authors’ Booth. I’ll be there selling The Crystal Ball on Saturday, July 11 (10-2:00); Wednesday, June 22 (3:00- 7:00 and likely till closing); and Friday, July 24 (10-2:00). This is an authors’ invitational. Our books are read and screened in advance. It’s an honor to be included, and you’ll meet all kinds of wonderful California authors. It’s in air-conditioned Building A/B. See you there!              


Cat Contest Winner!

Nov 04 2014

Congratulations to Elaine Faber and her cat, Truffles, winners of the contest to find some



new character traits for Micki Michaels’ cat, Thusie. Read all about it here:

Cat Contest Winner: Elaine Faber and Truffles Add Personality to the Poster Cat for Longevity



Immortalize Your Cat Contest

Sep 08 2014 DuffyXmas'04C

 Does your cat have what it takes to be a star? If yes, don’t curb your en-Thusie-asm.  Please enter! Your cat could be the model for the kit-lit character, Methuselah Michaels!

 “Thusie” is the 18-year-old cat of Micki Michaels in the Micki Michaels mysteries by Joyce Mason. Like Micki and her friends from the Immortalists on Planet Earth  Association (IOPEA), a group of longevity enthusiasts, Thusie looks much younger than his actual age and is one spry kitty.

In the first book in the series, The Crystal Ball, Thusie was not described in great detail. Now you have a chance to immortalize your cat by sharing why you think your feline would make a great prototype for Thusie. While Methuselah is a male cat, writers have poetic license. If your spunky cutie is a girl, no problem. She’ll just be rewritten as a boy version of herself, if she wins.

The prize is acknowledgment in Book 2 and an autographed copy plus a gift box of Greenie treats and other goodies for your winning furball. You must be willing to allow Joyce Mason and New Inkarnation Media to use your cat’s photo in marketing without additional compensation except for fame. If you’re old enough to remember the cat food commercial star, Morris, this is no small deal. Think of Morrie’s mom. Imagine what it must have been like for her to introduce herself at cocktail parties as Morris’s mother. And single cat dads, remember that cats are chick magnets and being the father of a famous one will put you paws up in the competition with other guys.

Joyce says: “I have owned many cats, and I could model Thusie after any one of them, but I suspect just the right Thusie is a kitty I haven’t met yet. And what fun it’ll be to have reader participation–and to meet you fur kids.” You may enter any cat you have ever known or owned, even those who are dearly departed or who are no longer with you for whatever reason, as long as you submit a photo and abide by the other contest rules.

To Enter

    1. Send an email to joyce [at] In 250 words or less, explain why your cat would make a great Thusie. If your cat is under 10 years old, add why s/he’ll grow into a great Thusie once “aged advanced” by the author.
    2. Attach a digital photo of your cat.
    3. Joyce will be the judge and her decision is final. The next book in the series is scheduled for a 2015 release.
    4. Deadline for entry: October 31, 2014


  •  Read up on Thusie. There’s a sample of The Crystal Ball on Writer Joyce Mason website and digital versions cost only $2.99.
  • The Micki Michaels mysteries are humorous. Be sure to comment on ways in which your cat is a comedian, if applicable.
  • Don’t forget details like favorite toys or behavior.

Photo: Joyce’s late, great Duffy (1995-2013)


The Crystal Ball Wins 2nd Place for Cover Design at Annual Awards

May 06 2014


The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball


The  cover of The Crystal Ball is a co-creation of author Joyce Mason and cover designer Karen Phillips of Phillips Covers. The Crystal Ball took Second Place in the 21st Annual Book Awards Competition for Cover and Design, sponsored by Northern California Publishers and Authors (NCPA). Joyce and Karen’s synergy is reflected in a design that takes in all major elements of The Crystal Ball story: the costume party (mask), danger/mystery (gun) and a party that’s a sort of love-in (disco ball and people giving the peace sign or the international sign  for “I love you.”)

“Where we got stuck was how to bring in the futuristic element of the party. The come as you’ll be in the future costume theme.” That’s when the Vulcan hand sign for live long and prosper found its way into the design. One of the more amazing finds was the font, used on the credits of the movie The Life of Pi. Oddly enough, Karen and Joyce had the idea to hang the mask off the Y almost simultaneously.

As people do tend to judge a book by its cover, all the TLC that went into creating this first one in the Micki Michaels mystery series was a winner–even before the plaque! “Thanks for bringing my vision to life,” Joyce says to Karen and looks forward to future cover adventures together.


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