The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

Mystery is the connecting thread of all my writing, both literal mystery stories and in my non-fiction—the mysteries of life.

My trademark of uncovering depth insights with humor crosses genres. Join me on my exciting adventure and leap into fiction.

There are a few ways you can get a taste of where I’m headed with my writing :

    • Download Chapters 1 and 2 of The Crystal Ball.
    • Watch the video book trailer and learn more about The Crystal Ball 
    • Download my e-book: Matters of Life, Death & Laughter  (Free for a limited time only.)  Matters of Life contains three of my favorite short stories, meant to make you laugh, cry and think.
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When it comes to the Micki Michaels Mysteries, of which The Crystal Ball is the first,  it all starts at a most unusual costume party where guests are invited to “come as you’ll be in the future.” You’re invited to the party between the pages, and I hope the outlandish costumes, ritual celebration, and other surprises tickle your funny bone and get you thinking about love, longevity and a myriad of the other mysteries of life.

As always, I hope a lot of insights bubble out with the laughter. To Life!


P.S.  This website has undergone an extreme makeover! If you’re looking for links to my articles on astrology and similar topics or my poetry, see links to my blogs specific to those subjects  in the rotating boxes and footer below.

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