Help Spread the Word About The Crystal Ball!



A Note from Joyce:

Readers and writers play inseparable and interdependent roles in the success of a book. If you like The Crystal Ball and want to help spread the word about it, I’d be delighted and grateful for your partnership, one I have with many of you already. The more popular the first book in the series, the more resources I’ll have to bring you more Micki and Curt mysteries. Let’s keep “the Ball” rolling!


Here’s a Baker’s Dozen–13 ways you can help:

    1. After you’ve read the book, please write a review on Amazon or GoodReads, especially if you like it enough to give it 5 stars. These consumer responses can make or break a book, and the more early, positive reviews, the more the book will sell and its message will spread.
    2. The holidays are on the horizon. Consider gifting your friends and family–especially those with great senses of humor– a copy of The Crystal Ball. While the book is likely to appeal to your more metaphysically inclined friends, it also has great potential for bridging to a broader audience because of its generic genre, humorous mystery.
    3. Ask your local book store to carry The Crystal Ball.
    4. Like my Writer Joyce Mason page on Facebook. Leave comments about your favorite aspects of the The Crystal Ball without revealing any spoilers.
    5. Tell everyone you know. Send them links to in emails and show them your copy in person. Share why you like The Crystal Ball and why it’s worth reading.
    6. Host a Crystal Ball theme party and take lots of pictures. We’ll post them here and/or on Facebook. Next year I plan to have a Crystal Ball Theme Party Contest. You’ll be entered automatically for doing this early. Extra credit: Invite your local media to cover your unique New Year’s Eve bash. Tell them about the book that inspired you. Be sure to send me news or video clips.
    7. Speaking of media, if you have media contacts or connections in the world of books, please tell them about The Crystal Ball.
    8. Write about the Crystal Ball on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. (Let’s make #crystal ball trend on Twitter.)
    9. If you know of a book store where I can do a signing or other in-person events where I can promote The Crystal Ball within a day’s driving distance of Sacramento, CA—please let me know. (More distant venues will be considered, especially if you have multiple suggestions within a region so I have enough stops to make a tour.)
    10. If you have a blog where you can interview me or let me do a guest post, I’m available and eager! Blogging is my passion.
    11. Tell your astrology group, metaphysical book store and other Astro-friendly sources about The Crystal Ball. (Micki, after all, is an astrologer and metaphysical.) I’ll be happy to consider presentations and/or signings. Got a local longevity group? Another great source.
    12. If you belong to a book club, please consider making The Crystal Ball one of your book choices.
    13. Get creative! Send me your ideas for book promo, the more unusual the better. Remember, Micki and her friends are not plain vanilla people. The Crystal Ball can be promoted at costume stores and a lot of other venues that match the story line. Between your thinking caps and mine, I predict that we’ll find marketing opportunities as unique as The Crystal Ball itself.


Thank you!

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