Casting The Crystal Ball


Every author envisions his or her book as a movie.

What stars would you cast as the main characters of The Crystal Ball? You can add to this list if you like, but for starters: Curt, Micki, April, Tansy, Brady, Loni, Ira, Mary Beth, Ace, Don Winter, Joe Castellucci, Tasha and Missy—and not to forget, Virginia Goody, ace accountant.

You could add some of the costumed characters, such as Marsha Vulcan, Burly Blaster, Medium Message, and so on.

Send an e-mail to Joyce with your ideas: joyce [at] Please use the header, Casting the CB.

When there are enough ideas for trends on the actors you choose, we will aim to get a multiple choice voting component going that will always give an “Other” option. This will come in handy when it comes time to pitch it to Hollywood!

To get your little gray cells going, as Hercule Poirot would say, Joyce has a hard time seeing anyone but George Clooney playing Curt. She’s more stumped on Micki. Remember, Micki is 50 but looks 30, and we need an actress who can pull off looking thirty-something for most of a decade, in case there are sequels. Her current candidate is Tiffani Thiessen who plays Elizabeth Burke in the TV show, White Collar. (Remember, hair and eye color can be changed to auburn/hazel.) Her round face, youthful appearance, personality (both serious and fun), and interesting ethnic blend (part Greek like Micki) makes her a contender in Joyce’s book.

What do you think? “Cast” your votes!


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